Pelican Sands Scamander

Reducing Our Foot Print

Here at Pelican Sands Scamander, i wanted to minimise our footprint on the coast without affecting the quality of your stay.  It may even make it better!! I dread chemicals and waste!

It all started when I was standing in the shower at home, letting the hot water massage my shoulders when it felt like someone flicked the inside of my skull! I was wasting so much water!! Although it felt awesome  I then felt a pang of guilt. Some people don’t even have clean water to drink and there I am literally watching it disappear down a drain after having only touched my skin for 5 seconds! 5 seconds!! It is 5 seconds because I counted! A good way to recognises is watch a soap bubble! Some maybe more or less depending on the body type it must roll over! I would say my water takes a wee bit longer than a more fitter persons hehe! However, I’m working on it! By summer I’m hoping it’ll only take 4 seconds!! Lol!

Then! I glanced at the shower shelf. There are only three of us in our household and bulging to 5 every second weekend. On that shelf were 3 containers of conditioner, 3 shampoos, 2 body washes (one minty and one coconut depending on my mood at time of shower) and a special shampoo for blondes! (I only use this once a fortnight)! THATS 9 plastic containers! 9!! Insane. Iv read they’ll last 500-1000 years! Eeerrrgh!!

I will move to soap dispensers once these products run out, so we are saving packaging on individual soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body wash! Every bit helps! Please email me any suggestions you have on the contact us page, i LOVE your ideas and advices!

Some things that you as a guest can do to help:

*Hang your towels if staying multiple nights. This means your towel will dry out so you wont use extra. If you use extra, we wash extra which uses more water and more power and more detergents. We use earth friendly detergents though! 

*We all enjoy the sea breeze, but in the evening close your windows to ensure the reverse cycle air cons aren't overworking creating more power, using more coal etc etc..

*When travelling, bring your own shampoo and conditioner. This saves product waste as each little shampoo/conditioner/bodywash bottle can last 500-1000 years on earth. TOO LONG!! (But we may have dispensers by the time you arrive, fingers crossed!!)

*Carry your own drink bottles and bulk chocolate stash instead of purchasing.  Yes we make some pocket money from the mini bar as we dont want you to miss out : ) I mean who is so organised to carry bulk chocolate stash! And mine would be gone in a one day road trip!

Individually we can all make some effort in our own homes as well and I wanted to extend this earth friendly approach to our business as well. We don’t want to be seen as a hotel or motel that adds to waste and pollutants.  I think, well i hope, that across the globe hoteliers are becoming more aware of wastes and toxins.  Just think of every single shampoo/conditioner and soap packaging we use when on holiday! I USED TO COLLECT THEM!!!! But now I’m aware of the effects of mass production and packaging waste, I don’t want to contribute : ( Our oceans are literally choking! 

So! i use biodegradable packaging (where there is packaging) from earth friendly companies and all liquids used for cleaning the property are non hazardous and environmentally friendly! I wouldn’t drink it! BUT IT SMELLS PRETTY LOVELY!! Did u know that just because it says biodegradable, it doesn’t mean it magically disappears, it only means it breaks down faster! This was something I didn’t know either :( So it breaks down faster and becomes nano beads that are too small for us to see with the naked eye! THEY FIND THESE NANO BEADS EVEN IN HUMAN BREAST MILK AFTER SHES EATEN FISH!! Because, eventually these nano beads end up in our ocean being eaten by fish or something else that relies on foods in the ocean. Amazing hey?! . Yukko! Our poor breast fed babies ! :( So actually not using any plastic packaging is the best! And we try to minimise this as well. However, for occupational Health and Safety, we must still use a bit, bin liners etc.

Speaking of those, i use bio-degradable (still better than straight plastic) bin liners in all our accommodation types, and provide 2 bins, so one for recycling. By not lining the recycling bin with a liner, we have saved the earth from over 600 plastic biodegradable bags per year! And you’ve helped by not whinging for a bag! Mind u, i won’t be mad if u absolutely cannot get by without one, and there is a spare under your sink..shhhhhh!  ;)  Anything that goes in an unlined bin should be free of liquid and mess if possible and folded or crunched down. There are recycle bins round the property.  If you're staying for a while, there is a set near unit 4 and 5. If u can’t find, please just leave in the alcove near your entry unit door or by your own bin. We will happily recycle for you.

Thank you!

Our Services

Free WiFi

There is complimentary WIFI for all our guests. You should receive your WIFI password with your welcome message for check in. If you didn't receive the password, please call us so we can give this to you.

Room Service

To keep prices comparable, and to save water we only service the apartments after 3 nights if you wish. There is no extra fee. If you'd like your apartment serviced before this time, there is a fee of $30 and we will provide fresh linen, milk and toilet paper. As the apartments are self contained, to date we do not have a room food service.

Free Parking

Free on-site parking that is literally at your back door. This is very convenient for transporting luggage to your unit. There is minimal steps to each unit, and we do have a unit with a ramp for wheelchair access. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Mini Bar

There is a mini bar in each unit filled with delicious chocolates and snacks and even laundry detergent, liquid/powder. You can pay by cash or credit card. Please ensure you have filled out the mini bar form.

Book now or purchase Gift Certificate here by calling:

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