Pelican Sands Scamander

Few Words About Pelican Sands Scamander & Us

We invested into accommodation as we know what we want when we travel and while retirement is still a good 20-30 years away, everyone has to have a plan right?  Our expectations are high for comfort, cleanliness and location. We specifically chose Pelican Sands Scamander for its location, and we made it comfortable, we made it affordable, we made it clean ...and we just love it!! 

Having a freight company as well, we travelled a lot. Staying in motels and hotels all across Australia ranging from $120 a night and up to $300 a night. Yes, we naturally compared them all, of course! That's what we do! We wouldn't be human if we didnt!  Our view is that regardless of what you pay per night, you should expect cleanliness and comfort. While most did ok, we definitely remember the ones that didn't, and we definitely remember the ones that exceeded our expectations.


We want to be the one that exceeds yours! 

With Ritchies prior knowledge of accommodation combined with my earth friendly approach, we hope that you enjoy your earth friendly coastal accommodation and return every year as many already do! 

Pelican Sands Scamander has had more than 60,000 guests from as early as the 60s when it was first built by Claire Richardson parents.  We will soon be uploading some history about pelican sands and sooooOOoo looking forward to it ourselves!  We know it was built in the 50/60s and many of those guests back then are now bringing their children as a family favourite, creating life long memories to share and carry on into the future generations! As a tribute to Claires parents, we re-used her parents design of the pelican and have put it everywhere!

The site was mostly recognised as a gorgeous area for watching the local coastal wildlife and birdlife. With over 40 different species mingling together along the coastline, you wont be disappointed if you bring binoculars for a spy! And the view is spectacular!  From the beautiful pelicans, masked lapwings, sulpher crested cockatoos, Australian Pied Oyster catcher, the dusky robin, the eastern sea-bill and many many more to view!! View them from the comfort of your own deck.

I feel its a special site, nestled on the coast with these magnificent views of the wildlife! The sweet coastal fresh air and the healing qualities of the sea salt can be felt for days after being here on the coast.

The site wouldn't be complete without a selfie of your hosts! Chipper on the beach! Of course!